The team at Advantage Buying understand that recycling and the disposal of all waste types efficiently and correctly is a key part of running any business. Despite increases in the cost of waste disposal and recycling over recent years, Advantage Buying have been able to maintain great savings in commercial waste management. The team have developed relationships with key consultants to ensure you are given the best possible pricing for your requirements without forfeiting on service.

The team will also be able to find the right supplier for your area and requirements whether this be your general waste, recycling and hazardous waste. With a range of approved recycling processes, our customers can rest assured that their waste will be dealt with in a low cost and responsible manner.

Advantage Buying are able to offer all types of waste and recycling services nationwide. In order to see if the team are able to offer you savings, simply send a copy of your invoices and the team will be able to supply you with a free comparison of your current service.

“The team at Advantage Buying are very inventive, they are always at the end of phone to answer questions should we have any. Their knowledge of products and services are next to none.”

Kindred Day Nurseries - Essex

“After our waste collection pricing was increased dramatically, we were passed on the details of Advantage Buying and that’s how we met Jessica. She was quick to act on her knowledge and provided us with considerable savings for our waste disposal. She is always on hand and checks in regularly to ensure we have everything we need.”

Hubble Bubble Coffee House - Gloucestershire