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Electricity, Gas, LPG & Oil

We are fully independent and have access to preferential rates, unattainable by individual businesses.

Not only do we offer advice, procurement services and support management on all aspects of energy supplies, but we also handle the tendering process, negotiations and paperwork on an on-going basis, ensuring our clients will never miss a renewal date.

Sourcing from reputable suppliers to fit your renewables strategy, our extensive client portfolio and the volume of energy that our specialists purchase, ensures that we have access to the best preferential rates in the marketplace.

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Salim provided us with invaluable guidance through the application. His market expertise have enabled us to make the best decisions for our business, that ultimately allows us to continue providing the most cost-effective solutions for our customers.

Darren BurgeManaging Director - Poeton Industries Limited


After initial enquiry, we will arrange one of our service managers to access and examine your current contracts and costs.


Identify Savings

We will return to you with all our findings and cost savings suggestions and guidelines for you to digest in a quote format.


Join Advantage

If you are happy with our findings, we will then take control of all the administration ensuring a smooth transition and switch over.


Ongoing Support

Our team will monitor your services during the agreed fixed term. Keeping all cost savings at the centre of what they do.

How We Work

As part of our tendering process, we undertake a detailed analysis comparing current supplier rates against competitor rates.

Once a quote has been accepted, your dedicated Support Manager will handle all of the paperwork required and follow the contract through from set-up to the start date.

With our bespoke CRM system monitoring contract dates, your Support Manager will place termination notices at the appropriate time and will ensure that you are contacted well in advance of your termination date to present a quote analysis of the most suitable and competitive rates in the marketplace.

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Our range of services include:


Meter Readings

We undertake frequent meter read submissions and checks for optimum accuracy.

Bill Validation

Checking rates being charged, the suitability of your meter for the size of your business and accuracy of readings.

Unlocking Efficiency

Harnessing sub metering and advanced data collection for precision monitoring and resource optimisation.

VAT Checking

Ensure you’re being charged at the correct rate and to claim back overcharges where made.

Building Foundations

Managing infrastructure projects with precision, from new connections to upgrades and downgrades

Bespoke Packages

Fixed, flexible and blended products to suit the needs of your business.

Basket Arrangements

Provided on large contracts, giving access to a more flexible and sophisticated solution.

There's no planet B

We can offer a wide range of 100% Green Energy suppliers and solutions to meet your sustainable plans.

Optimising Resources

Available Capacity validation and changes to improve costs.

Forecasts & Data Analysis

We can provide comprehensive digital market intelligence data.

CCL Dispensations

We’re able to apply for and achieve Climate Change Levy reductions where qualifying.


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Providing you still need more information, please complete the field below and a member of our customer service team will reach out to you.

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Energy Cost Reduction Information

Will I need to change my energy provider?

Whether or not you need to change your energy provider depends on several factors:

What information will I need to provide about my business?

How quickly will I see the savings that you make?

If there are no savings to make, will I still be charged?

We operate on a commitment to transparency and fairness. If, after careful analysis and consideration, we determine that there are no feasible savings to be made by switching your energy plan or provider, you will not incur any charges from me for our services. Our goal is to help you achieve cost savings and optimise your energy strategy, and if that’s not achievable in the current circumstances, there will be no cost to you for exploring your options.

Proud Members

We’re proud to be members of the Energy Ombudsman Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Scheme under our Number C35ADVA01. For further information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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