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Efficient procurement, effective printing

Unlocking cost-effective print solutions through strategic procurement

Effective print management is essential for businesses seeking to optimise costs while maintaining high-quality printing standards. By implementing strategic procurement practices, organisations can achieve significant savings in print-related expenses without compromising on quality or efficiency.

Here’s how businesses can leverage procurement to drive cost savings in print management

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Nick and the team at Advantage Buying are a breath of fresh air, our business rates were reduced by £34,055. Can’t really argue with those kinds of results.

Justin HudsonManager, Butlers Gloucester

How We Work

We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions aimed at reducing your costs and enhancing operational efficiency

  • Centralise print procurement to consolidate purchasing power and negotiate favourable pricing with suppliers.
  • Conduct regular print audits to assess usage patterns, identify inefficiencies, and eliminate unnecessary printing costs.
  • Implement print quotas and controls to manage print volumes and reduce waste, leading to lower consumption of paper, ink, and other resources.
  • Explore alternative printing solutions, such as digital or on-demand printing, to minimise upfront costs associated with traditional printing methods.
  • Leverage technology platforms and print management software to streamline ordering processes, track expenses, and optimise print workflows.
  • Establish preferred supplier relationships to access volume discounts, special promotions, and customised print solutions.
  • Optimise print specifications and design layouts to minimise material usage and production costs while maximising visual impact and readability.
  • Invest in eco-friendly printing practices, such as using recycled paper and soy-based inks, to reduce environmental impact and qualify for sustainability incentives.
  • Train employees on print management best practices and encourage responsible printing behaviour to minimise unnecessary costs and waste.
  • Continuously monitor print expenses, analyse cost-saving opportunities, and adjust procurement strategies to adapt to changing business needs and market conditions.
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