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Enhanced financial efficiency

Maximising value and minimising costs

Efficient procurement of merchant card services is crucial for businesses aiming to maximise revenue streams while minimising transaction costs. By implementing strategic sourcing strategies and leveraging market insights, organisations can achieve significant savings in merchant card processing expenses without compromising on service quality.

Here’s how businesses can leverage procurement to drive cost savings in merchant card services.

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Nick and the team at Advantage Buying are a breath of fresh air, our business rates were reduced by £34,055. Can’t really argue with those kinds of results.

Justin HudsonManager, Butlers Gloucester

How We Work

We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions aimed at reducing your costs and enhancing operational efficiency.

  • Conduct a comprehensive analysis of current merchant card service agreements to identify areas for potential cost optimisation.
  • Negotiate competitive pricing and favourable terms with merchant service providers by leveraging the business’s transaction volume and industry standing.
  • Explore interchange optimisation strategies to reduce interchange fees associated with credit and debit card transactions.
  • Implement technology solutions such as point-of-sale (POS) systems and payment gateways that offer competitive pricing and streamline transaction processing.
  • Consolidate merchant card services across multiple business locations to leverage economies of scale and negotiate bulk discounts.
  • Regularly review and benchmark merchant service agreements to ensure they remain competitive in the evolving payment processing landscape.
  • Implement fraud prevention measures and security protocols to minimise chargebacks and fraudulent transactions, reducing associated costs.
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If you are happy with our findings, we will then take control of all the administration ensuring a smooth transition and switch over.


Ongoing Support

Our team will monitor your services during the agreed fixed term. Keeping all cost savings at the centre of what they do.

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