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How We Work

Quality, comparability, pack sizes & value

Allow us to check your products for quality, comparability, pack sizes and what gives you the greatest value.

We cover a wide range of all your needs including.

  • Cleaning chemicals with COSHH Regulations
  • Disposables and packaging
  • Tableware and glassware
  • Light equipment
  • Heavy equipment
  • Refrigeration
  • Kitchen design
  • Maintenance
  • Deep cleaning
  • Furniture
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Nick and the team at Advantage Buying are a breath of fresh air, our business rates were reduced by £34,055. Can’t really argue with those kinds of results.

Justin HudsonManager, Butlers Gloucester


After the initial enquiry, we will arrange one of our service managers to access and examine your current contracts and costs.


Identify Savings

We will return to you with all our findings and cost savings suggestions and guidelines for you to digest in a quote format.


Join Advantage

If you are happy with our findings, we will then take control of all the administration ensuring a smooth transition and switch over.


Ongoing Support

Our team will monitor your services during the agreed fixed term keeping all cost savings at the centre of what they do.

How We Work

Our process is thorough to ensure accuracy.

The following areas are included:

  • A full shopping basket analysis on what you have purchased to ensure that suppliers are not trying to charge higher prices “on the tail”.
  • We weight your shopping basket to include the mix and quantity of what you buy, as this affects the savings we can achieve.
  • We check brands of each product purchased to check both like for like prices, but also to ensure where quality is not compromised, we switch to alternative products.
  • We check pack sizes to ensure that your prices are always “like for like” Often this can be very confusing and lead to what appear to be savings.
  • All suppliers use promotional pricing for limited times on products, so we’ll cut through this apparent saving to ensure we negotiate long term secure prices.
  • We check your invoices for any hidden costs such as management or delivery fees.
  • We actively manage your prices going forward and will review contract pricing and update details as required or benchmark against other suppliers to keep your costs as competitive as possible.
  • Ongoing support to ensure you continue to see competitive prices, innovation and help as legislation changes occur.

If you’d like to talk to us further, please do get in touch.

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